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portrait copy.jpg
portrait copy.jpg

Sara Gettys is an artist and designer living in Olympia, WA. Her work spans multiple mediums, including relief carving, ceramics and acrylic painting. Although her style varies between mediums, themes of natural forms, and attention to line and form stand out throughout her work, creating a resonance between different mediums and bodies of work.


Her work moves between fine art and craft, between functional and purely aesthetic pieces and asserts that this blending serves to strengthen each perspective. Responding to an increasingly digitized world, Sara’s work is grounded in the tactile practice of carving into wood, wrangling clay into desired shapes and layering paint onto surfaces. This tactile experience, for both creator and audience, is central to her work. Functional ceramic work is meant to be used and touched daily while fine art relief carvings invite a viewer to touch the surface.  

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